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2021 Game Weekend Shabbat To-Go Meal Boxes

Slifka Center, home to Yale Hillel, is pleased to offer Friday Shabbat dinner and Saturday Shabbat lunch in to-go boxes for alumni and friends (...and those visiting from Harvard). Please select the meal type you would like to purchase, click "Next" to select entrée type and quantity, and continue to click through to complete the registration and payment process. 

Meals may be picked up at "Slifka North" our temporary space at 105 Whitney Street between Trumbull and Bradley Streets. Pick up times are 6 to 8 PM for Shabbat dinner on November 19, and 9:30 to 11:30 AM for Shabbat lunch on November 20.

If you have questions please contact Lynn Jackson Quinn at Slifka Center, Meals need to be ordered in advance, and no later than Friday, November 12.

Boola Boola!

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